An Uncertain Future: Homage to David Bowie

Thoughts on the death of David Bowie (1947-2016), by Chicago author June Skinner Sawyers.

An Uncertain Future

Street art in Miami, June 2014. Photo by June Sawyers.
Street art in Miami, June 2015. Photo by June Sawyers.

We weren’t prepared.
‘A horrible shock,’ one friend said.
The very weekend that his final album
was released, he was gone. Just like that.
The reviews the morning after his death
were ecstatic, if ironic.

‘Bowie remains focused on
the future and all its
uncertainty,’ wrote Greg Kot
in the Chicago Tribune.
The New York Times remarked,
‘It’s a good time to be
David Bowie.’ So much more to look
forward to, so much more to be done.

Blackstar, Lazarus, a forthcoming tribute at Carnegie

Instead the Man Who Fell to Earth gave us a parting gift,
a music video about mortality and the end of life.

Always ch-ch-changing, never keeping still,
even at the end.

Chicago author June Skinner Sawyers has published many books on music and travel, including works on Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen. 

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