CHIRP Radio’s “First Blood” at Martyrs’


CHIRP Radio will be presenting its quarterly storytelling event The First Time with its newest incarnation First Blood January 14 at Martyrs’. The event will include a collection of talented writers and performers spilling their feelings and leaving their hearts on the floor.

Anyone can write a story, but it takes true confidence to get up in front of a crowd and be completely fearless. CHIRP Radio’s quarterly event will include a supreme cast of performers reading their own stories, but what makes First Blood different from your average story reading circle will be that it will have some accompaniment. Each writer’s story will be accompanied by a song of their choice that describes the essence of their story. Each song will be performed by The First Time Four.  

The event will be hosted by CHIRP Radio’s own Jenn Sodini, who has performed at The Moth and Psychotic Break. Joining her on stage on the 14th will include Tim Barnes (It’s All True podcast), Elizabeth Gomez (Co-founder of the Windy City Rollers), Dave Maher (Coma Show), Eden Robins (Tuesday Funk), Atalee Judy (Asylum Stunts), Meredith Kachel (Chicago Underground Comedy) and Jenna Chapman (CHIRP Radio volunteer).

The event will begin at 8pm and go to 10:30pm at Martyrs’, 3855 N. Lincoln, with tickets priced at $10. For more information, call 773.404.9494.


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