Cafe Mustache’s Granola Scone: a love story

It’s nearly lunch hour at my office. This is perhaps the most anticipated hour of the day. I bet more people look forward to lunch time than going home for the day, unless they have exciting evening plans. If they’re like me, they look forward to whatever hour precedes the better meal of the day. Dreams do come true. Dreams do come true. Today, I’m not as excited for lunch as I am to leave work this evening. I’m bowling in Logan Square tonight, which means I’ll be in the general vicinity of Cafe Mustache. Fireside Bowl which is on Fullerton, and Cafe Mustache is about three blocks south on Milwaukee and California. I should have just enough time to get off the blue line, walk to Cafe Mustache, buy my most favorite scone of all of scones made in Chicago, sit and eat the scone with extreme exuberance, take some photos of the scone and me eating it, and then hustle to the bowling alley in time for bowling league. I live off Lake Shore Drive and only make it to Logan Square once a week and I’m usually meeting people or attending to something timely. It’s rare I have the opportunity to get the granola scone from Cafe Mustache. It just occurred to me that I could probably fit it in before bowling, and tonight is the first night in many months that I will enjoy my beloved scone. Scones typically have raisins, cherries, nuts, or chocolate chips sprinkled throughout their buttery, bready hunks and crumbles.  Who would ever think to toss a handful of granola in there instead? What madness! The scone eats like digging through a treasure chest. There are crunchy bits, hidden nuts, dried fruit, and clumps of oaty goodness. Oh, momma. Granola Scone. Photo courtesy of the author. Granola Scone. Photo courtesy of the author. 2313 Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60647
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Emma Terhaar