Eleanor Friedberger Bringing a New View to Empty Bottle

Photo by Joe DeNardo Photo by Joe DeNardo It’s been quite a while since The Fiery Furnaces released an album, but that hasn’t slowed down Eleanor Friedberger's musical output. Since she and her brother Mathew put the project on hiatus, Friedberger has released three albums that have proven to be an evolution of her previous work. She has transitioned from the wild experimentation that was peppered throughout her and her brother’s recordings into a more personal and subtle focus. Her songs have expanded their pop sensibilities and have been moving toward  an ideal sound that she delivers with her latest album, New View. Friedberger's New View feels both unique and yet intimately familiar, marring the themes and tones that made her previous albums modern gems. There are so many instances where the songs feel specifically confessional like her first solo work, Last Summer, mixed with lines that feel more akin to the universally relatable songs of Personal Records. Bringing these two sentiments together creates songs that feel like classics. Immediately, the album recalls back to a sound you'd expect from 70s singer songwriters, with endlessly warm melodies that stick to Friedbergers voice wonderfully. More than anything, the albums brings a deep feeling of melancholy as she beautifully captures moments of heartache and loneliness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mQk-W1m9v8 You’ll have a chance to check out Eleanor Friedberger perform on February 24th at the Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Ave. She will be joined by two incredibly worthy bands: Icewater and Coins. Icewater’s soulful Americana is a fantastic pairing with Friedberger and its not just because they performed on much of her latest album, helping usher in the satisfying warmness New View relies on. Coins, the duo of Angela Mullenhour and Ellen Bunch, will add some of the best dark tinged folk that Chicago has to offer. Tickets for this solid lineup are only $13.
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