After the Show is the After Party…My Evening at Soho House Chicago

eryn allen kane after party soho house Tucked away in the seemingly top secret, instrument adorned “music room” of Soho House Chicago, Eryn Allen Kane hosted an after show following her first ever solo and, might I add, sold-out performance here in Chicago. Although she did not perform, the artists that did embodied the spirit and energy Kane emits into the the universe in both her music and contagious personality. krystal_metcalfe_soho_house The (after)party got started with Krystal Metcalfe and her spirited five-piece band. Metcalfe, a self-proclaimed love child of Aretha Franklin & Chaka Khan, set the pace for her set with her cover of Erykah Badu’s cover of "Hotline Bling." Yah, it was awesome and had me checking my cellular device for any signs of exes of my past. I would be remiss to forget a hilariously interactive cover of “Lovin You” by Minnie Riperton in which she encouraged the crowd to sing along and hit the trademark high whistle register. Imagine a room full of slightly intoxicated millennials attempting that. Each member of the band was introduced and given their chance to shine in a solo, as Metcalfe ended the night with a few original songs that left me wondering “When can I see this chick again?” homme_soho_house Next up Kane introduced ultimate rock girl duo, Homme, comprising Chicagoans Sima Cunningham and Maci Stewart. These two ladies definitely came to shred. With their abrupt transitions from beautifully harmonious vocals to intense guitar jams, Homme took the crowd on a sonic journey. I was mesmerized by the experimental twists and turns of the songs and the way Cunningham and Stewart play so distinctly independent, yet are able to blend together to create such an intentional and unique sound. After Homme wrapped up, Kane thanked everyone for showing their support and the crowd slowly fizzled out as "The Life of Pablo" bumped in the background. I straggled behind sipping on my expensively tasty old fashioned and tried to soak up each minute of the ever-elusive opportunity to chill on the other side of the members-only doors of Soho House Chicago. Take a listen to all of these incredible ladies. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any of their upcoming shows around the city! Eryn Allen Kane @ErynAllenKane Krystal Metcalfe @KrystalMetcalfe Homme @Hommeladies
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