Your Chicago Curated Weekend: 3/3-3/6

My thoughts for the entirety of yesterday consisted of this short video, for which I've decided to hold the first Third Coast Review caption contest: Unless you've buried your head so deep in the earth's crust that it's begun to liquefy from the intense heat and pressure of the mantle, you know that Donald Drumpf had a very good Super Tuesday. You know that Donald Drumpf is, seemingly inexplicably, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. You know that Chris Christie decided to endorse Drumpf, going against his previous, powerful anti-Drumpf rhetoric and earning himself unprecedented degrees of ridicule and scorn. Now, Chris Christie has backed himself into a corner with very few friends and a new boss who would probably get off to firing him. It's understandable that the look on his face during Drumpf's victory speech on Super Tuesday fell somewhere on the spectrum between "Wow, that was a crazy acid trip...wait, where am I? Why am I standing behind Donald Drumpf like some sort of loyal pitbull?" and "I have met the abyss and it scares the shit out of me." Just about the only way to cope with the zaniness of this election is to laugh at its idiosyncrasies (while, at the same time, working on ways to bring about the result you want). It's possible to simultaneously joke and be deadly serious about an issue. That's why we're asking you to caption Christie's thoughts in the above video--the funniest will win some as-yet-determined prize from the 3CR crew--and then go read about the election and learn as much as you can from one of these spectacular and diverse sites, or (best yet) all of them. Anyways, on to this weekend's events. THURSDAY, MARCH 3RD Under 30/Over 60 - “Life Lessons” @ The Book Cellar, 4736 N. Lincoln Ave., 7:00 PM
WHAT: Chicago Writers Conference presents Under 30/Over 60. Three writers under 30 and three writers over 60 share tales of their Life Lessons.
SO WHAT: This event last year played to a standing-room only house. People were laughing, crying, and calling their parents. Bonus: The Book Cellar café has wine and beer.
NOW WHAT: Show up! This event is free.
Opening Night of the 19th Chicago European Union Film Festival @ Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St., 6:00 PM
WHAT: The Gene Siskel Film Center is holding the 19th Annual European Union Film Fest in Chicago.
SO WHAT: The festival is going to be North America’s largest showcase of cinema from EU nations with 62 features. It’ll provide the opportunity to view work from all 28 EU nations from the comfort of the theater box. Consul General of The Netherlands Klaas van der Tempel will host the opening night of the festival.
NOW WHAT: Click here for tickets for the festival’s premier, a showing of the Dutch submission for the Academy Awards The
Paradise Suite, or here for the festival’s schedule.
John Mark Nelson @ Schubas, 3159 N. Southport Ave., 10:00 PM
WHAT: John Mark Nelson, a young, earnest, folksy songwriter from Minnesota, makes the pre-blowup pilgrimage to Schuba’s. SO WHAT: I can think of two other young, folksy people from Minnesota who made it big. One was named James Gatz. Things didn’t end so…swimmingly…for him. The other was named Robert Zimmerman. He decided to change his name to Bob Dylan and become an indomitable force of cultural change. Will John Mark Nelson reach those heights? Perhaps. Either way, his stuff is pretty moving and a show at Schuba’s is always a great time. NOW WHAT: Tickets are $12, available here. SUNDAY, MARCH 6TH Last Sunday of 70mm Film Festival @ Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport Ave., ALL DAY WHAT: It’s the last damn weekend of the 70mm Film Festival. You can catch a tripleheader of West Side StoryLawrence of Arabia, and Starman at 11:30 AM, 4:00 PM, and 9:15 PM, respectively. SO WHAT: It’s going to be a while before you can see these films in gorgeous 70mm again. I had to watch clips from Starman in bad YouTube quality this week for a piece I was writing about the movie, and the experience made me pine for the experience of actually seeing a massive sci-fi film unfold on a massive screen. The other two films will play later in the week as well; Lawrence of Arabia, of course, features the sorts of vast desert landscapes that are perfect in the wide format of 70mm. And you’ve always wanted to see the Sharks and Jets sing to you in pristine visual quality. But if you’re only going to see one of the three, make it Starman. Young Jeff Bridges is an absolute joy. NOW WHAT: Get tickets right here. -Zach
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Zach graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2015 and, seeking to put off law school, began writing about music and pop culture. Now he's hooked on concert reviews and the Chicago music scene and thinks he could be doing this for a while. Follow his random thoughts on Twitter @zachblumy