A Nightmare on Backstreet: A ’90s Baby’s Wildest Dream

Photo Credit: The Public House Theatre Photo Credit: The Public House Theatre Everybody, rock your body right...Backstreet’s back, alright! And back they are, but this time accompanied by Teddy Crooner, in a hilarious adaptation of the cult classic serial killer, Freddy Kreuger, blazing a trail of teenage terror all while singing and dancing along to BSB’s top hits. Written by Ricky Glore and directed by Molly Todd Madison, A Nightmare on Backstreet  is a parody of epic proportions. Glore takes the plot of Wes Kraven’s horror film Nightmare on Elm Street and turns it into to a 90s baby’s throwback musical dream woven together by almost any Backstreet Boys hit you could think of. Showing at the Public House Theatre, the cozy pub-meets-theatre on the north side of Wrigleyville, it is the perfect place to mix up your normal weekend routine and take a trip down memory lane. While the insanely nostalgic playlist of all Backstreet Boys hits was incredibly refreshing, what makes the whole thing come together is the boisterous cast led by Ashley Geron as Stacey, teen evil fighter extraordinaire, and James Grino as an eerily believable Teddy Crooner. Be sure to keep your eye out for my personal favorite, the alcoholic mother of Stacey, played by Brittny Congleton. (She’s the one with curlers in her hair and a bottle of vodka always in hand...my kind of lady). Not to be forgotten, the amusingly animated choreography by Holly Gombita perfectly fuses the plot of a creepy teenage nightmare with boy band staple moves. How could they pull off a production like this, you ask? Sounds crazy right? I thought the same thing and had no idea what I was about to walk into before the show. What I witnessed was something that exceeded my wildest dreams (nightmares?). If you find yourself as intrigued as I was, I highly encourage you to catch this hilarious show at the Public House Theatre on Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays at 8 and 10pm through Saturday, March 26. Tickets are $15.  
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Madeline Fex