The 3CR Record Store Day Wishlist

record-store-day-2016One of the big perks of Record Store Day, which falls on Saturday April 16th this year, is the insane amount of exclusive releases that many shops will get. . The only bad thing (beside spending too much) is that all these releases are limited and not every store will get everything on the list. Luckily there are over 300 items that will be coming into stores, so there is definitely something for everyone. This year’s RSD releases range from pretty typical stuff like a Bob Dylan 45 to weird stuff like a Run the Jewels VR viewer.

If that huge and varied number of releases have you a little worried, we got you covered. Below are some of the RSD releases that we at 3CR think are worth a look this Saturday (and really want for ourselves). If your still looking for a few shops to visit, we suggest checking out our guide to Record Store Day as well.

airrsdAir  – Casanova 70 – Multicolored Splatter 12”LP
AIR always masters creating a dream sequence with its music. This exclusive Record Store Day release features two remixes of the song, “Casanova 70,” compiled by Brendan Lynch. The original mix will manage to transport you into a scene from “Pulp Fiction,” while another of AIR’s songs will shoot you up through space. Lynch brings speed to “Casanova 70” in his remixes, “The Secret of Cool” and “Moodswings” to create a whole new – perhaps tropical – dream. Listen and decide what tunnels this takes you through.
– Elif Geris

The Go! Team – Thunder Lightning Strike – Red and yellow swirl 12″ LP
Thunder! Lightning! Strike! became instantly lauded as one of 2004’s top records. With songs that became an amalgam of samples, synth features, and piano riffs, among many, many other elements, this album quickly remains one of the most interesting I’ve heard to date. Its reissue is both a blend of wistful nostalgia as well sounds that can stand alone 12 years later.
– Sarah Brooks


Untitled-1Man Man – Six Demon Bag – 12″ LP
Ever wonder what sad mustachioed ringleader evoking Tom Waits snarls and Captain Beefhart weirdness would sound like? If so, Man Man’s second album Six Demon Bag will provide the best answer. Six Demon Bag is full of love loss that parades to sonic extremes. The whole thing just clashes together in a beautiful mess. “Van Helsing’s Boombox” is likely the albums best song and will assuredly break your heart if you’ve ever had a hard time letting go of love. The album has been previously available as a 10” picture disc, so it’s nice to see a more traditional and affordable release for the 10th anniversary.
– Julian Ramirez

alanisrsdAlanis Morrissette – Jagged Little Pill Demos – Multicolored Splatter 12″LP

Alright, alright. I know, Alanis Morrissette isn’t the most relevant artist out there these days. She hasn’t released an album since 2012, which didn’t achieve great feats as far as acclaim goes. However, Jagged Little Pill remains a pivotal album of the ’90s, with some standout tunes that you have to admit bring back some memories. Her voice is inimitable, so these demos from 1994-1998 are sure to be a solid gold find. You may not hear the hits, like “Hand in My Pocket” or “You Oughta Know”, but you’ll surely discover some gems you’ve never even heard before, which in my opinion, is way more important on Record Store Day.
– Sara Brooks

418457260630-800∆ (alt J) – Live at Red Rocks – 2xLP, CD, DVD
I tend to think the best time to see a band live is between their second and third album. That way you get a reasonable length show and will likely hear all the songs you really want to experience live. I was lucky enough to see ∆ live three times this past year in that golden time period and was blown away. Their live show is amazing with the light show and band working in perfect harmony. This recording of their Red Rocks performance has been heralded as one of the best at the venue of 2015. This box set presents ∆ at their current creative peak.
-Julian Ramirez

musersdMuse – Reapers – 7″ picture disc
Urgency drove Muse’s 2016 album, Drones, from which this single has been handpicked for an exclusive Record Store Day release. Along with tracks like, “The Handler,” “Mercy” and “Dead Inside,” this LP gives you a glimpse of that urgency, which has been struck by the development of robots, and packaged into an intimate stage set-up. This was one of my favorite bands to see live this year because of its achievement for coming closer to its audience to fight the fear. You’ll hear this fight in the band’s Koln, Germany performance on the disc.
– Elif Geris

88875194311_JK001_PS_01_01_01.inddMatthew Sweet – Goodfriend (Another Take on “Girlfriend”) – 12″LP
Born from Matthew Sweet’s depression following his divorce, Girlfriend is one of the greatest break up albums. Its fun power pop instrumentation is such a great contrast to the undeniably sad bastard lyrics that Sweet belts out. This release, which references the original title of the hit song “Girlfriend“, is made up of acoustic and live versions of songs from the album. Originally released as part of a Legacy Edition, this is the first time it’s available on vinyl and a worthwhile look at an amazing album. Now if they would only reissue a non Plain version of Girlfriend.
– Julian Ramirez


Big Star – Complete Columbia: Live at Missouri University 4/25/93 – 2xLP

Take it back to 1993 with this vintage live recording from a concert at Missouri University. Many pivotal favorites from Big Star’s archives are represented, such as “In The Street”, “The Ballad of El Goodo“, and “Thank You Friends.” For a band whose sound is pretty pristine in recorded format, their live stuff is even better.

– Sarah Brooks


Mac DeMarco – Another (Demo) One – 12″LP

There’s a reason I decided to cover these three artists together; they all encourage their audiences to dream and imagine. With colorful synth, vibrant guitar riffs and relatable troubles, Mac DeMarco brings you a brand new, 16-song LP for Record Store Day. Another (Demo) One lets you enjoy a slew of DeMarco’s independently recorded songs and their alternate versions. This particular artist can make you throw your arms in the air and sway, or daydream on the El on a rare, sunny day.

– Elif Geris

fullsizeXiu Xiu – Plays The Music of Twin Peaks – 12″LP
Last year, the Gallery of Modern Art in Australia commissioned Xiu Xiu to reinterpret Angelo Badalamenti’s score for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Let that sink in. Immediately I felt a need to hear this. . There was no doubt in my mind that band leader Jamie Stewart would create something as hauntingly beautiful as the original (just listen to any song off his Nina Simone cover album). Xiu Xiu’s avant garde approach to pop music is so unique and enjoyable that anything he does feels necessary. This album especially.
– Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez


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