Sangria and Meryl Streep Close Relocating Techniques at Corner

Puerto Rican artist, Edra Soto’s recent exhibition at Corner, an experimental gallery space located in Avondale, has filled the windows of the space and referenced post-war architecture and the cultural design, rejas. In the exhibition, Soto’s pattern created a unique form of ventilation — obscuring the gallery and simultaneously highlighting the space during the evening as the light from the inside displays a stark contrast of negative space. The interior of the exhibition included a collection of records from her childhood upbringing and books from the Pablo Helguera’s Libreria Donceles. Visitors were encouraged to interact with the items.

Courtesy of the artist
Courtesy of the artist

Relocating Techniques opened April 1st and is closing this weekend on May 22nd. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Soto held several events such as “Reconstructing the House Dress,” where the artist wore a house dress and invited strangers and neighbors to draw on the cloth in response to immigration and the idea of homeland.

For the closing reception on May 22nd from 3-5pm, Corner will host an afternoon of “Sangria and Meryl Streep.” During the event visitors are invited to talk with the artist, watch movies starring the actress Meryl Streep, who is an influence on Puerto Rican culture, and sip Sangria. The free event provides visitors an opportunity to discuss Soto’s project and question her about the impact of American culture on her Puerto Rican upbringing.

Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.

Corner, in the past, was a sausage shop, a school for Polish children, a travel agency, a Mexican bridal boutique, and is now, the studio space of artist Lynn Basa. Artists who are inspired by the urban setting and historical characteristics of the space are invited to create multi-displinary installations to create new experiences since the 100 years that it was a sausage shop.

Corner is located at 2912 N. Milwaukee Avenue.


Nicole Lane
Nicole Lane


  1. Hi, Christa
    Thanks for your question. Corner is my gallery. Only about 25 people can fit in there at a time. We’ve never had the problem of too many people before! But I think the way we’d handle it is to limit it to the first 25 people and let people in as others leave.
    Hope to see you there!

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