A Look Into Trevor Sensor’s Second EP, Starved Nights of Saturday Stars

Illinois-born singer-songwriter Trevor Sensor is back at it with his second EP, Starved Nights of Saturday Stars. This release comes as a follow-up from his successful release, Texas Girls and Jesus Christ, that concluded with a tour opening for The Staves. What is it about Bob Dylan, Dolfish, The Tallest Man On Earth, or even Cage The Elephant that makes their music so addicting? For some, it may be their songwriting, their stage presence, or their musicianship. Alright, maybe not Bob Dylan’s stage presence. Regardless, what stands out to many, and remains as a crucial yet polarizing aspect of their music, is their vocals. When you get down to it, some people just can’t like Dylan because of his voice, and others proclaim that as the quality that makes him so unforgettable. 12672177_1960402564185546_5548705946600805942_o This is no different for the young Trevor Sensor. We can guarantee that you haven’t heard a voice like this, and at the age of 22, this second release excites us at Third Coast Review. Immediately upon hearing the first seconds of “When Tammy Spoke To Martha,” it's clear that Trevor’s ability to blend relatable rock & roll with folk is only getting better. It’s accessible and polished, yet doesn’t lose its raw feeling, which may be solely attributed to his vocal style. After a quick, very Dylan-esque second track (which isn’t a negative comment) he gets theatrical with “Another Night at Lamppost Lounge.” With a combination of Trevor’s storytelling and the drum and key loops that somehow resemble Sigur Ros, it’s clear that this Chicagoan is not limiting himself to one genre. Now if we may get theatrical, we have been plagued too long with repetitive singer-songwriters and folk bands; too long have we been given choruses of eternal “Hey!” shouting, but what we have here is an artist unafraid of his boundaries, or perhaps lack thereof.  Trevor Sensor is not your average folk singer; he doesn’t seem to be writing music just to be liked, and there appears to be much more to come. Be sure to catch him at Lincoln Hall on October 28th or on his upcoming tour with Foy Vance. Find your tickets here, $15 in advance and $20 at the door. This 21+ show opens at 9pm. Lincoln Hall is located at 2424 N. Lincoln Avenue, (773) 525-2501.
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Matt Brooks