Win a Pair of Tickets to Freaky Deaky, Oct. 28-30!

Lose yourself in a tunnel of electronic and hip hop music this Halloween at Freaky Deaky , with a pair of free tickets to the “Largest Halloween Event in the Midwest!” Acts range from Disclosure, to Black Tiger Sex Machine, to A$AP Ferg. In addition to genres that span between hip hop, dubstep and house, feast your eyes with 3D animation and live lighting throughout.

Whether it’s a DJ you’ve been dying to see that your friends won’t even check out on Spotify, or you just want to add a new artist to your dance and workout mix, Freaky Deaky will deal you a wide spectrum of fast-paced sounds to serve as your Halloween party. Freaky Deaky is 17+ and will be located at Toyota Park in Bridegeview.

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween with some of your favorite electronic acts? Then comment below (make sure to include your email!), describing your most creative past Halloween costume. Most creative costume will win that pair of tickets to this year’s Freaky Deaky! Submissions accepted through Friday, Oct. 7 at 5 p.m., when we pick our favorite costume and winner!



Elif Geris
Elif Geris


  1. Last year I was Drake-ula for Halloween. I wore a vampire costume with a cape, white face makeup and bloody fangs. Then I blew up Drake’s album art from Nothing Was the Same, cut out his face, and walked around with my face through it. Happy Halloween!

  2. I was Elvis Presley…

    In fifth grade. Complete with black wig, white jumpsuit, sparkly cape and lip curl. No princess costumes for me! 🙂

  3. A few Halloweens ago myself and 3 friends decided to ditch the usual costume and get a little creative and do something fresh. So we each purchased black bodysuits, and tons of colored EL wire and EL tape.

    We created our own designs to mimic as if we were invisible and all you could see was our clothing.

    First we pinned the body suits with yarn to create the layout.

    Once we figured out the layout, we used chalk to outline the traces.

    We then sewed on the EL wire to complete our designs.

    Our looks consisted of light up jeans, shorts, and shirts. We even added EL wire to a few accessories such as hats, shoes, and sunglasses to complete the look. It was awesome costume!

  4. Last year, I was Stevie Nicks for Halloween. I wore a long lacy dress with bell sleeves, did my hair in loose pretty curls and I even learned how to sing and play Edge of Seventeen and Rhiannon on my guitar!

  5. For halloween one year, I purchased a plain white tee, a child’s doll (bald one that looks like a creepy infant), fake blood, and this gauze padding that my dad had post surgery.

    I cut out three holes in the shirt just big enough that I could stick the dolls two arms and one leg through.

    I wrapped the gauze padding around my belly with tape ( a lot of it) so if I put a shirt on, it looked like I was pregnant.

    Then, I stuck the doll’s arms and one leg through the inside of the shirt. The doll was on the inside and I used heavy duty duct tape to make sure she was attached to all the gauze.

    Then, I placed fake blood around the openings of the shirt, around the doll’s arms and leg.

    The finished product looked like I was pregnant and had a zombie baby coming out of my belly.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. My name is Megan and I wore a Meg costume obviously it fit perfectly. People told me to shut up all day and my manager threatened to put a booger on me. Best costume ever!

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