Watch Chance the Rapper in Kit Kat’s Weird New Halloween Commercial


Seemingly out of nowhere, this week Kit Kat teased in a tweet that Chance the Rapper would be the star of their new Halloween television commercial. Yesterday, they made good on their promise and debuted the video online.

The commercial is cutely bizarre. In it, Chance the Rapper is dressed like a playfully fuzzy bear who is shopping for candy with a woman dressed like an angel and a small child dressed like an adorable tiny monster. As Chance walks down the aisle, he hears and sees the disembodied head of himself on the wrapper of a special Kit Kat bar marked Chance The Wrapper. 2016_09_chancetherapperkitkatbar Chance, the one on the Kit Kat bar, sings a modernized jazzy rendition of the classic “Gimme a Break” jingle. Afterwards, fuzzy bear Chance remarks to the camera, “That’s a good song.”

It’s kinda kooky, so of course we’re into it. Check out the commercial below.

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Justin Freeman