Third Coast Mixtape No. 6: Songs in the Key of Love

tcm-final5 Anyone who really knows me would be a little surprised by the "love songs" theme I chose for this week. I've always taken on the role of love cynic/critic/firm believer that love isn't real, just a chemical reaction in your body. And yet, I find that the songs that I listen to most are centered around the theme of love. The playlist follows the progression of a relationship from the easy going beginnings all the way to its heartbreaking end. No matter what you believe about love, at one point I think we've all experienced our own version of the pure joy that comes with a new and exciting romance, the feeling of content and security in a relationship, or the gut wrenching love story deferred. These songs have been there for me throughout the trials and tribulations of my (non existent) love life and could find a special place in yours. After all, maybe there's a little hopeless romantic in all of us.

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Madeline Fex