Phantom Broadcast releases new “Steampunk” single

The Phantom Broadcast Photo credit: Nick Frillman

The Phantom Broadcast
Photo credit: Nick Frillman

October leaves are rustling in the trees this Friday as The Phantom Broadcast’s new single “Steampunk” swings into the air. With rhythm that’s smooth yet edgy, it’s got a beat that’s subtly tenacious and coolly pensive all at once.

"Steampunk" single cover Photo courtesy of The Phantom Broadcast

“Steampunk” single cover
Photo courtesy of The Phantom Broadcast

Stemming from a solo project in 2011, Chicago-based group The Phantom Broadcast experiments with genre-blending music ranging from jazz to rock, to ambient to punk. A full band since 2013, The Phantom Broadcast has recorded five studio albums and one EP. “Steampunk,” a rocky blend of alternative punk, is their latest single.

“The lyrics sort of revolve around the idea of wanting to turn back time and change events of the past,” says lead vocalist and band founder, Evan Opitz. “What if we were given the opportunity to correct our failures. It also bears themes of hopelessness and abandonment and trying to find consolation in dire situations.”

Written and composed collectively by members of the band, “Steampunk” was inspired by the idea of “writing from within,” as opposed to starting out with a specific genre in mind, explains Opitz. “Any sort of inspiration that has impacted me over the course of my entire musical experience can and will affect the writing process.” That can be said of the jaggy thought-provoking tune of “Steampunk.”

“Steampunk” is now available for streaming on SoundCloud and download on BandCamp. You can watch the song’s official lyric video below and for more info on the band and to listen to more of their music, visit The Phantom Broadcast’s website and Facebook page.

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