Whatever Forever: Oozing Wound Album Review

Oozing Wound: Whatever Forever cover art

Whenever a friend would recommend a new band to me, I’d always be caustically optimistic. There’s nothing like the rush of discovering a new band, but we’re dangerously approaching “content overload” when it comes to music. Much like our recent TV problem, there just seems to be new music and genres developing every day; it’s hard to keep track and form an objective opinion. I’m guilty of having the same five bands in my Spotify rotation, but I’m always down to give new artists and genres a try.

When a friend first recommended I listen to Oozing Wound, my first thought was that’s a fucking awesome name for a band; how can I not listen to them? And their album covers for 2013’s Retrash and 2014’s Earth Suck only made me more curious about what this group was all about. Once I hit the play button on Earth Suck, I was hooked. The combination of sludgy metal guitars, punk aesthetic, lumbering drums and crisp vocals from Zack Weil had me all in for the Chicago trio. The tracks were intense, thoughtful, weird and, most importantly, rocking. And with their new album Whatever Forever, the band has fine-tuned their formula, which was working pretty well in the first place.

During the first listen of Oozing Wound’s Whatever Forever, I got the sense the band was ready to strap you in for an intense ride. Right out of the gate, the band’s first track “Rambo 5 (Pre-Emptive Strike),” which I imagine is the next Rambo installment with Stallone just wasting enemies with no dialogue, sets the tone for the rest of the album. A gritty serving of headbanging riffs on top of biting lyrics that encompass deeper meanings about the trials and tribulations we go through.


But like many albums of the sludge/hardcore/metal genre, it can wear you out pretty quickly. I can tell you from experience listening to double bass drums and up tempo for 40 straight minutes can drain your enjoyment for an album pretty quickly. But Whatever Forever has a pretty healthy mix of songs that will recharge your batteries before you head back into the pit. Tracks “Everything Sucks And my Life Is A Lie” and “You Owe Me, Iommi” are ones that give the album a breather and show that the band can do more than just melt your face off. The band has really hit their groove with Whatever Forever and I’m looking forward to what they present next.

Chris Zois
Chris Zois

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