Take the Red Theater November Writing Challenge: Write a Short Play Every Day!

3cr-redthtrRed Theater is issuing a writing challenge to Chicago’s current and future playwrights.

Write a new short play every day in November—all 30 days–and post it according to challenge rules.

After you sign up and pledge $15, you’ll receive an email every day from Red Theater artistic director Aaron Sawyer with the day’s prompts or “missions”—like using a certain prop, phrase, subject, etc. Sawyer says you don’t have to follow those prompts; you just have to write. Good, bad or indifferent. There’s no quality control.

The submissions are done easily. You can write the play in an email on your phone while you’re on the CTA. Or you can write with a friend by forwarding the email.

Sawyer says that several ideas for longer works have come through this challenge.

To sign up, see rules and signup link here before November 1 and donate $15.

The $15 donations will be divided among the winners (minus fees). Winners will be those who complete the challenge by submitting a play every day.

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