Eight Great TV Commercials Featuring the Chicago Cubs

Photograph courtesy of WGN
Photograph courtesy of WGN

By now you’re probably aware that the Cubs are not only in the World Series, but they may actually win the damn thing. Tonight, the Chicago Cubs face the Cleveland Indians and they quite possibly may emerge with their first championship since 1908. To say this is surreal is a vast understatement.

To help get you in the mood for tonight’s game, we’ve gathered a few of the best television commercials and promos featuring the Chicago Cubs. Check them out below.

We start with the 1984 WGN intro for the Chicago Cubs. Featuring the absolutely massive synth opening for Van Halen’s “Jump,” the intro was designed to get people pumped up and excited for baseball. It must have worked as the Cubs went 96-65 that season.


Next up is an 1983 ad for Budweiser featuring the late Harry Caray. Disarmingly charismatic, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Sheffield Avenue is shown holding court in a neighborhood bar while charming the regulars, praising the Cubs and holding an ice cold glass of beer.


Here’s another starring Harry Caray in the mid 80s. This one has him rapping and dancing throughout Wrigley Field looking ridiculous but dapper. At one point he proudly declares that, “We’re gonna bring a pennant to this park.” Hey. It just might happen.


From 1984, this is an advert for a swanky looking Cubs apron. It was great for grilling or just wearing around the kitchen. We’re unsure of why someone would just randomly wear an apron around the kitchen though. Anyways, you could pull it down and it’d say “7th Inning Stretch.” Fancy.


From 1982, this is a promo for celebrating pitcher Fergie Jenkins’ 3000th strikeout as well as an advertisement for a then upcoming game against the Montreal Expos. Beyond being an excellent time capsule of baseball in the early 80s, what we really love about this one is the cartoon cub at the beginning that goes from cuddly to violent in a matter of seconds.


This one is a WGN promo from 1992 and features Randy Newman’s “Love To See You Smile.” It’s a very sweet and whimsical take on Cubs fandom.


Nick Offerman is a huge Cubs fan. Craig Robinson, who is probably best known for being in “The Office” as well as his work in stoner comedies such as Hot Tub Time Machine, is a die-hard Sox fan. In this commercial, the two defend the honor of their teams and trade insults with each other in a dive bar in a recent ad for New Era.


This commercial aired in 2014 in celebration of Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday. In it, orchestral music is played as dramatic archival photos and videos of the park are shown. The commercial is simple, yet strikingly powerful.


Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman
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