TCR Mixtape No. 9: Power to the People!


This year’s presidential election has been unpredictable to say the least. The major candidates have earned the ire of the public and no one seems too enthralled to cast their ballots. But the election season has also stoked the fire of the American public, and what better way to get you pumped up than a playlist packed with political and protest rallies?! This week’s edition of the Third Coast Review Mixtape series is jammed with some of the best political anthems to get you ready for Election Day. Whether you are with her, a fan of The Apprentice, still feeling the Bern, or have your eggs in the Gary Johnson basket for some reason, there is a song on this playlist for you.

As Patti Smith sang, “People Have the Power!” Now take a listen and get out and vote!

Chris Zois
Chris Zois

Chris has been roaming around the City of Chicago since graduating Roosevelt University in 2011. He has been a professional copywriter and reporter since donning his cap and gown, working for Fanatic and No Limit Agency. His ramblings usually generate to his gripes with recent viewings at the multiplex and interviewing some of his favorite bands from Chicago.