Five Interesting Chicago Cubs Celebration Videos

Photograph courtesy of Flickr user niXerKG Photograph courtesy of Flickr user niXerKG By now you probably know that earlier this week, the Cubs won the World Series and were awarded their first championship in 108 years. Chicago immediately erupted and has been in a state of joyous hysteria ever since. The city effectively shut down yesterday for an absolutely massive victory rally in Grant Park. According to DNAinfo, the Office of Emergency Management and Communications is estimating that around 5 million people showed up. For context, Chicago has a total population of a little under 3 million. Lollapalooza, which also takes place in Grant Park, had an estimated attendance of 400,000 this past summer. So, the city is currently trying to say that the Cubs parade, from Wrigley Field to Grant Park, was approximately 12.5 times larger than all 4 days of Lollapalooza combined. With so many people celebrating the Cubs victory over the last few days, some really cool videos have emerged, so we gathered some of the more interesting ones. In no particular order, they’re listed below.
We’re not entirely convinced 5 million people showed up to Grant Park, but we know a LOT did though. NBC Chicago was there right as they opened the gates and it was, to put it mildly, intense. Theo Epstein, the Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations, got gloriously drunk after winning the World Series. After having one champagne too many with Bill Murray, he accidentally dropped the f-bomb on live television. Oops. Embedded in one of the Cubs' busses, one of the reporters for DNAinfo was able to get a first-person view of the parade from on Lake Shore Drive on its way to Grant Park. One of the emerging themes at the Cubs rally yesterday was people climbing atop structural things like statues and traffic lights and then diving onto the crowd below. To celebrate the Cubs flying that final W of the year, the Chicago River was dyed blue in their honor. Good Morning America has a really good video of a boat speeding down the river and turning the water a bright shade of Cubs blue as the coloring dye is released.  
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