Feast on Stories, Film, Animation and Music at the Pop-Up Magazine Show


Photo courtesy Pop-Up Magazine.

Pop-Up Magazine, a live magazine featuring multimedia stories with animation, photos, film, illustration and an original soundtrack, will present a storytelling show this Saturday at 7:30pm at the Harris Theatre in Millennium Park, 205 E. Randolph. Planners say the night will unfold like the contents of a classic general-interest magazine, and end with the cast and audience mingling at the lobby bar.

The show will include a mix of local and touring stories. Some of the storytellers this Saturday are Jessica Hopper, editorial director for music at MTV; New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker and journalist Alex Kotlowitz; Chicago Tribune columnist Britt Julious; and New York Times bestselling author Mychal Denzel Smith.. They’ll be telling nonfiction stories set in or around Chicago, along with contributors from other places and live scores performed on stage by musicians.

Pop-Up Magazine is a live event, built on the live-lit experience so popular in Chicago. Each event is created for a stage, a screen and a live audience. Like a rock musician’s setlist, each evening is unique. Pop-Up creates the evening by adding local talent to its touring storytellers. Pop-Up Magazine, featured last year in Columbia Journalism Review, was founded in 2009 and is affiliated with the new California Sunday Magazine, an online and print magazine circulated with west coast newspapers.

Tickets are $30-$50 and you can get $10 off tickets with this discount code: popup10.

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