TCR Mixtape No. 16: New Year, Same Me

mixtape We're 26 days into 2017. It's no secret that it's starting to feel like we're living in a parallel universe, but let's take a moment to focus on you. How are you really? New Year's was only a few weeks ago; are you sticking to your resolutions? Are you becoming more of the yes-man that you imagined, or did you bail on your coworker Donna's third lunch invitation this week? Are you making more time for yourself, your friends, your family or are you still stuck to your workaholic ways? Did you trade in that sugary treat for a healthy, balanced meal? You still planning on side hustling and starting that project with your best friend? This week's playlist is personal; it's for you. It's a mix of ambient sounds, soft-spoken lyrics that are not exactly meant to motivate you but to allow you room to grow, to think and to seek change on your own pace. Take a listen below, and make sure to follow our Spotify account.  

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F. Amanda Tugade