Your Chicago Curated Weekend: 2/23 – 2/26

It's February and I haven't worn a coat in about a week. I'm sure most of us have been enjoying this warm and pleasant weather, exploring our amazing town without a shiver of coldness in sight. It looks like that atmosphere is about to start going away this weekend with the rain and slightly colder temps, so let's make the best of this weekend with some music, movies, and art! THE WHOLE WEEKEND, FEBRUARY 23rd - 26th 2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts, Century Centre Cinema, 2828 N Clark St., and Music Box Theatre, 3733 N Southport Ave., Various Times WHAT: Short films with big ideas SO WHAT: It's Academy Awards weekend. While you may have seen a bunch of the bigger films nominated for Oscars this year, there are plenty of short films that may have gone under your radar. Luckily there a few theaters that will be showing them this weekend to have you ready and prepared for Sunday night's award show. Landmark Century Centre Cinema will have showings of live action and animated shorts all weekend and Music Box Theatre will be showing documentary shorts on Saturday and Sunday. You can check out Steve Prokopy's preview of his favorite short films here! NOW WHAT: Tickets for the animated an live action shorts are available online at Century Centre Cinema's website. Tickets for Music Box Theatre's two programs of documentary shorts, program A and program B, are also available. a4112826184_10THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd Sinkane @ Lincoln Hall, 2424 N Lincoln Ave., 8:00PM WHAT: Music that will lighten the mood and get you dancing. SO WHAT: Sinkane is the project of the genre blending Ahmed Gallab. His music takes influence from so many different music styles, culminating in sound that is utterly danceable and increasingly unique. You can read our full preview of the concert here! NOW WHAT: Tickets are $15 for this perfect opportunity to see just how entertaining and electrifying Sinkane is  live. FRIDAY & SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th & 25th The Chicago Pancake & Booze Art Show @ Reggies, 2105 S State St., 8:00PM WHAT: Breakfast, booze, and art SO WHAT: This underground art event aims to delight attendees with a mix  all thing art, boozy, and of course pancakaes. There will be over 80 emerging artists displaying their art as well as live body painting happening throughout the night. Between perusing the art you can dance the night away with two stages of DJs or head to the free pancake bar for, you guessed it, pancakes. NOW WHAT: Tickets are $5 at the door or $10 for VIP entrance to skip the line at the door! FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24th NE-HI @ Shuga Records, 1272 N Milwaukee Ave., 5:00PM WHAT: Face melting rock at a cool record store SO WHAT: Shuga Records has been jumping into exclusive vinyl game the past year, teaming up with local artists to release colorful editions of their music. There next release is NE-HI's Offers, the second album from the Chicago genre-melting quartet. The Shuga Records Exclusive copy of the album on Clear vinyl is limited to 200.  To celebrate the release of the album, NE-HI will be in the store for a quick performance before they head off to their Empty Bottle show later that night!  NOW WHAT: Head to Shuga early, maybe grab your exclusive Offers vinyl and enjoy the free in-store performance with this amazing band at this amazing record store. Preorders for the Shuga Records Exclusive copy of Offers can be made here! Meat Wave @ Reckless Records, 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave., 6:30PM WHAT: Local post punk outfit taking over Reckless Records SO WHAT: Meat Wave have been making a name for themselves for quite a while in the Chicago Music scene, churning out some loud an intense post punk goodness. They'll be releasing a new album soon, so to celebrate they'll  be putting on an feverishly fun performance in one of Chicago's most recognizable record stores, Reckless Records, before their Empty Bottle show on Saturday. NOW WHAT: Get ready to let the Meat Wave rush over you (yeah it sounds weird but let's go with it) at this free in-store performance! Those Pretty Wrongs @ G Man Tavern, 3740 N Clark St WHAT: Take a member of Big Star, then a member of The Freewheelers, put them in cool place like G Man Tavern, and you got yourself a show! SO WHAT: How can you deny the greatness of Jody Stephens of Big Star and Luther Russell of the Freewheelers? The truth is you can't. Together they are Those Pretty Wrongs and they will be embarking on their first tour together, the "How Cold is it Gonna Be?" tour! You can check out our full preview here! NOW WHAT: Tickets for this concert are $15! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25th the kates @ The Book Cellar, 4736 N Lincoln Ave, 7:00PM WHAT: Comedy to help you get through the week SO WHAT: the kates, an all female comedy showcase, features a semi-monthly line-up of the city's funniest, most talented comedians as well as emerging female comic performers. The show, produced by Kelsie Huff, encourages its comedians to express their hilarious viewpoints unapologetically and have done so with great results! This edition of the kates will feature Chicago comedian Lauren Hooberman hosting the showcase at The Book Cellar. You can see the full lineup over at the kates website NOW WHAT: There is a $10 suggested donation for this PG-13 show, so stop by for some laughs! SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th Neighborhoods of the World @ Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave., Noon WHAT: An opportunity to experience different cultures SO WHAT: Navy Pier will be celebrating the diversity of Chicago’s communities with the seven week series Neighborhoods of the World. This annual cultural tribute is presented in collaboration with community arts organizations, consulates, and museums in attempt to bring the beauty of the world into everyone's lives. Each week will feature a different culture as its theme, letting attendees enjoying lively folk music, traditional dance, cuisine, and crafts from the various ethnic Chicago communities. This weekend's cultural theme will be a celebration of Brazil's Carnival! NOW WHAT: This event is free and open to the public, so head to the Crystal Gardens and let a little part of the world into your life!
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