Chicago Takes Center Stage at C2E2 2017

  Cosplayers of all ages show off their stuff on the floor at C2E2. Photo by Marielle Shaw In case you missed it, yesterday we posted a pretty comprehensive guide to this year's C2E2, which begins this Friday, April 21st and runs through Sunday, April 23rd. But what you also may have missed on our schedule was a list of locals turning out for the con and putting the C in C2E2 (Well, one of them, since the other's for Comics.) In any case, this year we'd like to highlight these native nerdy enterprises and the fun events they're hosting so you can add them to your agenda. Take a look below! FRIDAY:  Independent Podcasting with the Chicago Podcast Cooperative: 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm  This panel, as you'd figure, is hosted by the Chicago Podcast Cooperative, organized at Cards Against Humanity, which seeks to connect potential podcasters with companies who'd like to back them. At this panel, they're looking to help hopeful casters with tips on producing a great show on a tight budget, and share their own stories of getting things off the ground and into the airwaves. If you've got an interest in what's a booming industry right now, this one's for you. The Revolution of Craft Beer and Comics: 7:45 pm  - 8:45 pm  Maybe you're more the sort to collect strange brews and research hop varieties. Your brewing interests will not be ignored with this panel, hosted by local favorite Revolution Brewing, which will discuss the correlation between comics and beer and talk about the collectability and exclusivity of each. SATURDAY: Grisly Chicago: 4:15pm – 5:15 pm This panel subtitled Murder, Mystery and Mafia in the Windy City is for anyone who loves a good crime novel or detective show. It features a panel full of local writers: Alex Gordon, Lori Rader-Day, Nicole Joseph, Susana Calkins and Erica O'Roarke, and will center on the dark side of our fair city, especially focusing on the 1920s and its "mafia mayhem." This should be an exceedingly interesting panel where I'd expect you'd learn a little and be entertained a lot. Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Weird Science in the White City – 5:15pm – 6:30pm  It'd be hard to be completely ignorant of the gleaming White City of the Chicago Columbian exhibition, especially since the incredible success of Erik Larson's novel on the subject. But this panel seeks to put the focus on science during the exhibition, and will focus on things like Tesla's incredible incandescent lamps and the original Ferris wheel. We're sure you'll be blinded with science in only the best way. Cards Against Humanity: 7:45pm  - 8:45pm Cards Against Humanity is one of our unabashed favorite places to hang, whether for the Comedy Hack Day festival or to record podcasts with Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm. They're fun, they're unafraid and they're unpredictable. We're not exactly sure what to expect for this panel, that will cover "comedy, game design and poor advice for living life and running a business" but we know it'll probably be one not to miss. Note that this panel is suggested for audiences 18+ "who are partially dead inside" SUNDAY:  Chicago's Haunted History: 1:15pm – 2:15pm If you're a ghostbuster, ghost hunter or ...a'll be in good company at this panel. Hosted by local comic book creator Scott Larson and ghost hunter/historian Amelia Cotter, they'll talk Chicago's haunty hot spots and some of the locations featured in Visitations, Larson's graphic novel which tells tales of Chicago history through ghoulish eyes. Jackbox Games and Friends: 2:45pm – 3:45pm  Local video game developer Jackbox Games (yes, of You Don't Know Jack fame) is hosting a panel just for "ridiculous party games" including some from its newest group of games, Party Pack 3, which just debuted for Nintendo Switch. They've invited comic artists and writers alike to participate and it should be silly and fun- a perfect fit for the last day of the con. We suggest you take a special look at these panels and get hooked up with locals who like what you like. You never know where it will lead, beyond a good time at C2E2.
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