Jackbox Games Announces The Jackbox Party Pack 4

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You may not have realized it, but Chicago has quietly become an epicenter of sorts of party games. Whether you’re talking about the stratospheric rise of Cards Against Humanity or the parties Bit Bash throws around town, there’s a lot of cool stuff going around town on when it comes to social gaming.

Based around Goose Island, Jackbox Games have been making party focused multiplayer video games since the mid 90s when they were known as Jellyvision Games and released the eccentric trivia themed You Don’t Know Jack. While rather successful on PC, it didn’t translate terribly well to home consoles of the time. The company eventually pivoted to focus on healthcare software, which they still do as Jellyvision Lab, but gave video games another shot in the mid 2000s with a spinoff company called Jackbox Games.

In recent years at Jackbox, they’ve made it an annual tradition to release a collection of small and quirky things they’ve been working called The Jackbox Party Pack. This past Sunday at C2E2, they announced that The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is coming soon.

It looks like Party Pack 4 will be headlined by Fibbage 3, a game where you try to fool your friends with misinformation while simultaneously looking for the correct answer to trivia questions.

Image courtesy of Jackbox Games

If you’re unfamiliar with party games as a genre, think of something like Wii Sports or another one of the sociable Nintendo things you’ve probably ran into at a house party at some point and you’ll get the general idea.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 comes out sometime this fall on “major digital marketplaces.” An exact release date has not been announced yet. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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