Chicago Literature’s Impact on You and Me at Volumes Bookcafe

Chicagoans are passionate fans. They like their hotdogs ketchup-less, beer craft, and if history tells us anything, their books soul wrenching. Often not talked about, Chicago has a rich history of publishing poetry and prose that expose the deepest and most basic realities of the world. Join the conversation about the history and impact of Chicago Literature this upcoming Tuesday at Volumes Book Café.

The conversation is titled “Is Chicago Literature Gentrifying?” and includes a forum of Chicago writers. This forum is a continuation of the conversation that began in January at the Elgin Literary Festival. The idea was first conceived by author Gint Aras, who wanted to explore why we imagine the “Chicago novel” as gritty and dark and if the change in writing style and content, if there is a change, is caused by a changing city or a changing reader. While there are a different set of writers at the table, the intent of the forum is the same: discovering the real impact of what is being written.

The writers include Roger Reeves, Nate Marshall, Erika Sanchez, Aleksandar Hemon, and Krista Franklin. They will be asked hard questions about the reality and ramifications of literature published in this city. While the event will definitely draw a crowd of MFA students and writers alike, the event is open to anyone who has any sense of Chicago pride. As Amy Danzer, the moderator of the forum, points out, the history of Chicago literature is something people take pride in.

Reading a book written by Chicago writer is great, but understanding that book in the context of the cultural landscape that influences not only Chicago writers, but also you and me, makes the experience all the richer. Here is a chance to understand the city and maybe ourselves a little more.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 7-9 p.m.
Volumes Bookcafe
1474 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Sherry Zhong
Sherry Zhong
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