TCR Mixtape No. 24: April Showers Bring May Wallflowers

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Spring has sprung, y’all!  Despite the capricious weather’s best efforts, the flowers are flaunting their new blossoms, the grass is green again, and the sun beams a little brighter and a little longer with each passing day!

Spring is sometimes like the perky high school guidance counselor of seasons- he sure is nice, but he could also take it down a notch.  His cheerfulness- relentless.  His lexicon of hopeful platitudes- unhelpful.  His unwavering optimism- always well-meaning, often obtuse.  Like yeah, Mr. Rosso, I know tomorrow is another day, but tomorrow I’ll still be failing three classes, have no money, and remain painfully invisible to my crush so…?

Where are we- the sullen shunners of sunshine, the pale-faced freaks and geeks- supposed to safely sulk when Mr. Rosso calls us into his office?  Where will we find solace when the rest of the world is boldly blooming and the only rain clouds in sight are the ones directly looming over our heads?  Fellow wallflowers, this mixtape is for you. From upbeat melodies full of soft-spoken little gripes to ballads of shyness and self-doubt, these songs will keep you grooving through your long day of lurking in springtime shadows.

Ariel Clark-Semyck
Ariel Clark-Semyck