Hold Down The Fort at Chicago Children’s Museum Friday

The Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier opens its “Forts” exhibit Friday, May 26. Photo provided by Chicago Children’s Museum

Everyone needs a bit of a getaway from time to time. With current affairs quickly escalating from bad to worse it’s more and more appealing these days to think back to the more carefree days of our youth and imagine when we could shut the world out just by creating our own special hideaway with blankets, pillows and a little bit of imagination.

But what if I told you you *could* escape to a fort. And not a fort that’ll mean washing all your blankets, scuffing all your floors or upending your couch, but something way better?

It’s here. The Chicago Children’s Museum will be opening their newest exhibit, “Forts” this Friday. And this Navy Pier destination for children is just as fun for adults, if you keep an open mind.  This particular exhibit features an entirely interactive, curious room build and allows guests to build the massive blanket and pillow fort of their dreams. You can upturn couches, use multiple blankets and cushions and create whatever it is you desire, then tear it down and start all over.  As the museum states on their website “You can even use the door.” Nothing is off-limits and it’s up to you and your imagination.

It’s not for nothing either. The museum hopes that as children and their parents come to the exhibit and participate, they’ll be flexing their critical thinking skills and get a chance to plan with others, engineer and express themselves, and also get some physical exercise as they lift, test and build. It will serve as an exercise in social interaction, too, as multiple kids come together to create, build and play. The room itself will be an inspiration as well, with hidden nooks, mirrors, props and unusual setups like lamps that hang upside-down from the ceiling.

Some of my favorite times growing up were building these forts, especially with my own parents helping. If you’ve got any kids or grandkids of your own, or even nieces and nephews, and you’d like to give them a fun experience they’ll always remember, this seems like a great way to bond.

Forts opens at the Children’s Museum this Friday. Photo provided by Chicago Children’s Museum.

The Chicago Children’s Museum is already a treasure trove of colorful, vibrant exhibits that kids can climb on, touch and play with, and Forts promises to be a fitting addition to that. Though oftentimes on the “avoid” list, this may be a reason to make the trek out to Navy Pier, especially with any little ones you want to delight.  Admission to the Chicago Children’s Museum is $14 for children and adults, with kids under one being free, and seniors receiving a $1 admission discount. In addition, admission is free on Thursday evenings from 5 to 8 pm and every first Sunday of the month. For more information, click here.

Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor