Someone Hacked ABC and Leaked Steve Harvey’s New TV Show

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Steve Harvey just can’t catch a break it seems. First, he made a bit of a fool of himself announcing the wrong winner while hosting Miss Universe a few years back. Then last month, a nasty email where he yelled “I promise you, I will not entertain you in the hallway” amongst other things at his staff went viral and made him look like a total trash bag. And now, hackers have stolen and released the first few episodes of the former Chicago-based talk show host’s new television project.

Let’s back up for a moment. Steve Harvey has a upcoming new show called on ABC called “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” where entrepreneurs pitch him their business plans in the hopes that they’ll win some money to help fund their idea. Pretty much, it’s “Shark Tank” but filmed in front of a studio audience and starring Steve Harvey.

According to Deadline, a hacker or hacking collective known as the The Dark Overlord somehow got ahold of the first 8 episodes of the show and released them onto The Pirate Bay earlier this week. If that name sounds vaguely familiar it’s because The Dark Overlord is also responsible for hacking a post-production facility and leaking the majority of the upcoming season of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” in April.

In an unrelated case last month, hackers claimed to have gained access to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and threatened to leak it online unless a ransom was paid. Disney refused to pay and called in the FBI. Nothing happened and the film was released theatrically as scheduled.

If you care, “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” debuts on ABC this Sunday, June 11.

Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman