Grant Park is Going to Host a Massive Pokemon Go Festival in July

Image courtesy of Niantic Pokemon Go. Remember that craze from last summer? People aimlessly walked around the city while staring into their phones in futile pursuit of a digital Bulbasaur. A girl in Wyoming found a dead body while on the hunt for a Squirtle. Some jerks near St. Louis used the game to rob some kids of their phones and laptops. A local rooftop bar made a completely ridiculous cocktail drink based on Pikachu. I personally caught a Charmander during a death metal show at Empty Bottle and decided that was a good place to stop. Those were a weird few months and as suddenly as all of those Pokemon hunters appeared, they very quickly disappeared. Enough people still play the game that developer Niantic is throwing a massive Pokemon Go festival at Grant Park on July 22. Forbes suspects that C3, the group that produces Lollapalooza, is involved as well. It looks like rare Pokemon will there and it’ll be a place where you can meet other players of the game. Beyond that, the details about what will actually happen at this thing are at best ambiguous. If you gotta catch 'em all, tickets go on sale on June 19 at 10am. CORRECTION: A previous version of this story mistakenly reported that tickets went on sale on July 19. This was a typo and has been changed to the correct information.
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