Sofar Sounds Brings Concerts for a Cause with Give a Home

If you live in Chicago (or any of the other 358 cities involved) and haven't been to a Sofar Sounds show, let me depict it for you. You apply for a show where only the neighborhood is listed. You don't know the address, or who's playing. But it's about to reinvigorate your experiences with live music. Have I caught your attention yet? Good. Upon your arrival at the venue—you receive confirmation just a few days prior—you’re invited to take a seat, open up a bottle of wine or beer if you so choose, and mingle with those around you. When you walk in the door, you’re handed a sheet noting which artists are playing; you can imagine my ear-to-ear grin when I realized I was seeing Tank and the Bangas. (Still not over it, to be honest.) The genres of music range from artist to artist, and you’re encouraged to meet new people and learn something new from them amid the shorter yet powerful sets. The community is inclusive—and did I mention a Sofar Sounds show omits all the parts of a concert you don’t like? Yes, I’m speaking to the really tall guy who blocks your view, the person who takes it upon themselves to video the entire show, and the two girls chatting behind you the entire time. Beyond the special nature of Sofar Sounds itself, they’re raising the bar this September in a major way—for everlasting change. On September 20, Sofar Sounds is partnering with Amnesty International, VICE, and Facebook Live to bring you a concert series known as Give a Home, held around the world on this very evening, and featuring some of the top artist names. Your ticket costs will go directly to Amnesty International, which works tirelessly day in and day out to support the nearly 20 million refugees worldwide. 20. Million. All funds raised will support Amnesty’s work in working to end the refugee crisis and human rights violations for the refugee community. So, join in. Take part in one of the 300 gigs in over 200 cities if you live in Chicago, or if you don’t. There will be eight shows in our city, with confirmed artists Jack Garratt, Julien Baker, Public Service Broadcasting, and William Fitzsimmons. Choose your event of choice and apply for tickets here—there's a suggested donation when you enter, and you could win two tickets for you and your favorite +1. Share moments of music in someone else’s home with Sofar Sounds, and let your donation contribute to the mission that someday, 20 million people won’t have to leave their home behind.
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Sarah Brooks is a native Chicagoan with a penchant for words, music, art and this magnificent city of Chicago. Raised on The Beatles and learning the violin at age 9, Sarah’s passion for music began early in life. Her musical obsessions include Wilco, Otis Redding, Neko Case and Real Estate, but they truly change daily. She can be found at a concert, trying a new restaurant, or running along the lakefront path.