Phantogram Deliver Another Amazing Show in Chicago

The first day of Lollapalooza had a lot of snags; Liam Gallagher walked off stage after 15 minutes, both Lorde and Muse had to cancel their sets due to weather, and all of Grant Park was evacuated due to storms. However, at the House of Blues, while the storms were dying down, Flint Eastwood and Phantogram put on one of the best aftershows of the weekend.

Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter

Opening the night, Flint Eastwood put on one of the most energetic sets of the weekend. Donning her signature red hat and long braids, she came on stage and instantly had the crowd dancing with her. Although very few people knew who she was, including myself, it was impossible to passively listen to her set. The fledgling pop star is from Detroit and has released two EPs since 2012. She has collaborated with some of the coolest people in music, including Tunde Olaniran and GRIZ. She played the singles “Push” and Queen” from her newest EP, Royalty, and her energy was off the charts. Her music videos don’t do her justice; don’t miss the chance to see her live if you have the opportunity. She’s headed out on tour soon with PVRIS and Lights; see if she’s coming to your city HERE.

Flint Eastwood opening for Phantogram

Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter make up Phantogram and are the current champions of electro-pop. Whether you’re seeing them in a small venue or on the big stage at Lollapalooza, their ethereal, breathy songs are the crux of their performance. The duo has incredible onstage chemistry, and it’s clear they have been working well together for a long time. They don’t miss a beat and share vocals on a lot of their songs, although Barthel is their main vocalist. They opened with “You’re Mine” and had the crowd jumping in the first four bars. Their songs combine synths, guitar, and catchy beats, and nearly every one of their singles has been a hit. Some of their newer stuff feels a little overproduced, but when played live, it takes on a life of its own. Phantogram’s set at Lollapalooza was nearly identical to the set at House of Blues, and for good reason; most bands’ Lolla aftershows are actually a warm-up for their big gig the next day. Surprisingly, their House of Blues set had more energy and excitement than Lollapalooza. That’s not Phantogram’s fault, though; their incredible light show wasn’t part of their day set and was a huge factor in their more intimate set the night before. Additionally, it can be hard to interact with the audience the same way when your stage is 10 feet high and 30 feet away. Regardless, their House of Blues set was a perfect example of why Phantogram are still at the peak of the pop world. Check out where Phantogram is playing next HERE.
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