Signs and Portents? Chicago Botanic Garden Corpse Flower Blooms For Eclipse

Alice was one of the Chicago Botanic Garden's first corpse flowers to bloom, and even produced fruit! Photo by Marielle Shaw. Today, the sun will be blotted out in the middle of the day. At the same time, over in Glencoe, an unholy stench will fill the air at the Chicago Botanic Garden's Sensory Garden. What does it all mean? Well, it means that the botanic garden's latest corpse flower decided to let loose its stench and unfurl its purpley blossom on the exact same day as we experience a total solar eclipse! Sunshine the Corpse flower, sibling to Spike, Alice, Sprout, Java and Sumatra, is the garden's first outdoor corpse flower bloom, and decided to grace the area with its presence and odor last night. There were already festivities planned for the eclipse, and we expect there'll be a crowd for that, but now there'll be a separate chance to see another rare phenomenon. While in this area it may be hard to believe, a corpse flower blooming is a rare event, and the huge flower really is a sight to see. If you want to cross two things off your "Crazy Natural Phenomenon Bucket List" this would be the way to do that. The Chicago Botanic Garden opens at 7 am tomorrow and will be open until 9 pm. The solar eclipse viewing event begins at 11 am with distribution of eclipse glasses beginning at 10 am. You can get more info on #CBGSunshine here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.  
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Marielle Bokor