Third Coast Con Cruise: Wizard World Chicago Day Four

  Sunday was Day Four of Wizard World Chicago, one of the largest cons in Wizard World's portfolio. As we arrived to the con, we noticed crowds were much thicker than you'd expect on Sunday, especially given that it's a partial day. We found out this was mostly due to the large number of Doctor Who fans eager to see their favorite companions as well as River Song. Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate and Jenna Coleman of Doctor Who at their panel. Wizard World Chicago 2017. Photo by Marielle Shaw. We suspect even if you didn't have a clue about Who you might have still had a blast at this panel. All three women were incredibly friendly, funny and energetic. They talked about Doctors they'd have liked to travel with (other than the ones that they did, in the case of Jenna and Catherine) and the stars themselves. When asked about their favorite episodes, it was universal- they all mentioned loving the first episodes they appeared in, saying that it was something of a magical experience to suddenly be a part of that world. We got some good insight into the actors behind the Doctors, too. Tate mentioned that Tennant was full of energy "like a Whippet" and ran everywhere almost all the time. In general everyone had great compliments for the men in the role, and all three seemed incredibly excited for Jodi Whitaker, who will be the first female in the row after Peter Capaldi regenerates. The topic of discussion then turned to what everyone "nicked" from the set. While at first it seemed there wasn't much there - Matt Smith received a Cyberman head, and Kingston got offered some fancy Louboutins from an episode (that were terribly uncomfortable, apparently) we found out Jenna Coleman was one with crazy sticky fingers- she's got her Tardis key, a clockwork squirrel, a police box sign that lights up, and incredibly, a piece of the Tardis that the prop folks helped her abscond with. They were also asked who they'd travel with if the roles were reversed- Both Alex and Catherine mentioned Jack Harkness with a glint of attraction in their eye, but Alex eventually went with K-9. Conversely, Coleman chose Amy Pond because of her story with the Doctor, and having known him most of her life. While all three were surprised at the fan response to Doctor Who in the beginning of their tenure, Alex Kingston put it best when she said that "Doctor Who is about friendship, and love. That resonates with people." We agree.   Danny Trejo at Wizard World Chicago 2017. Photo by Marielle Shaw. Danny Trejo was also a delight. His panel covered the gamut of his film and TV show appearances, and he touched quite a bit on Latinos in film, expressing a great appreciation and passion for Robert Rodriguez, who gave him his start. We learned that he really, really loves Chicago, and would start a taco shop here with one caveat: that it was only open in the summer, because "people from Southern California cannot handle your winters, man." He also told the story of his time on the most recent Muppet Movie. During filming, his mother passed away, and he talked about how difficult that was. He said he was able to keep it together up until the point when Kermit the Frog himself consoled him, and that was the release point for his grief. Trejo is a class-act, sweet and kind to everyone he talked with, and incredibly funny. Look for him in The Flash when it comes to TV as well as in his upcoming movie, From A Son.
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