TCR Mixtape No. 32: Starcatcher

Here at Third Coast Review, we value unique ideas by Chicagoans that aim to make this world a better and more unique place. This week's TCR Mixtape comes to us from a team of some very talented Chicagoans, who are in the process of launching their new app, Starcatcher! Now that Mercury Retrograde is OVER and the quarter moon is in Gemini, here's the scoop. About a month ago, I (Rose Truesdale) had the best idea I've ever had while sitting in a cosmic meditation class: an astrology-based social networking app that not only provides us with an in-depth birth chart, but goes on to connect us with our astrological twins, potential love matches, friends and collaborators.
I pulled together a badass team founded entirely on synchronicity—my astrologer/tarot card reader Whit Forrester, and the most radiant gatekeeper to all things app-y, DeYandre Thaxton -- and the three of us got to work on conceptualizing Starcatcher. We are fundraising for development now on Kickstarter. This project has the potential to make a BIG impact: not only will it expand our astrological literacy, it will give us the ability to find and communicate with people with whom we're literally star-aligned. As communication continues to break down on Earth, it is our hope that the thinking behind Starcatcher will provide a wholly necessary and radical new framework for working through differences, inspiring dialogue, and truly connecting with one another.
This little cosmic playlist was lovingly assembled by the whole Starcatcher team. It pulls in all sorts of relevant themes: Childbirth's "Siri, Open Tinder," because this app will be a GAME-CHANGER for online dating, spacier tracks like Miguel and Travis Scott's "Skywalker," Madame Gandhi's "Yellow Sea," "Century" by Feist and Jarvis Cocker, and on-the-nose tunes like Frankie Cosmos's "Birthday Song" and "Pisces" by Riz la Vie. Check out our Kickstarter while listening to our starry playlist and share with all your cosmos-loving peeps! We appreciate you! All love, Rose, DeYandre, and Whit

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