Preview: Theater Wit Hosts Gala at Your Place, Black Tie and Pants Optional

Box office staffer Corrie Glanville recommends ordering the chicken. Photo courtesy Theater Wit. It's gala season. Galas are pleasant enough, with entertainment, drinks and food. You get to dress up, look your best and have a night out on the town. All that is fun, but it's also time-consuming. Dolling yourself up and getting to the venue are no small task. At least once when I'm getting ready for events of this kind, I'll look back at my PJs and think "I'm gonna miss you."  Theater Wit knows that as the light fades faster these fall days, more and more we're craving time inside with our comfy couches and fuzzy slippers. So they've devised a plan to cover all their bases- entertainment, food, music...and staying in.  Friday, November 3, will be the Theater Wit's first Stay at Home Gala. Attendees will be able to have the gala experience from their own seats in their own homes, with or without pants.     Live entertainment and speeches, the lifeblood of these events, will be streamed online, live as it happens over on Belmont. If you were worried about missing out on a meal with this sort of event, they've got that covered too. You'll choose chicken, seafood or vegetarian and get a delivery of said meal to enjoy. Since booze can't be delivered, it'll be a BYOB affair, but the theater's thoughtfully provided cocktail and drink tips from their own bar staff will help make the night special in that area as well.   There'll be a silent auction, hosted online, of course, and even a social aspect for those who were excited about setting their fashion phasers to stunning. Selfie contests will run through the evening, for those in their finest PJs or gowns, if you still wish to dress up for the affair. And the event is expandable, of course, allowing you to host your friends and loved ones at your own digs (provided you put some pants on!).   Tickets for the event are $100 per person, and will include the meal, access to the auction, entertainment and speeches, door prizes and the ever ambiguous "more." You can purchase tickets for the Stay at Home Gala here.
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Marielle Bokor