Gallery: Chicago Botanic Garden’s Amazing Jack o’ Lanterns

Night of 1000 Jack o’ Lanterns at Chicago Botanic Garden. Photo by Marielle Shaw.

Continuing on in our Halloween weekend excitement, we’re bringing you the best of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s 2nd annual Night of 1000 Jack o’ Lanterns. The event features at least the eponymous 1000, including some seriously cool (and spooky) giant pumpkins in a variety of themes, from Flora of Illinois to Cryptozoology and Masters of the Macabre. There’s even a Chance the Pumpkin. This is the second time in as many years the garden has sold out all 3 days of the event well before it opened yesterday, and because pumpkins rot, there’s no way to add extra days, so if you like what you see, plan ahead to get tickets for next year early (a week in advance should suffice.) These pumpkins are as beautiful lit as unlit, so bask in the pumpkin art with our gallery below!

Photos by Marielle Shaw


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Marielle Bokor