Alton Brown’s Eat Your Science Tour To Have Grand Finale at Genesee Theater in Waukegan 

Photo courtesy Alton Brown is a name most everyone should know by now. He's made a career out of being a sort of Mr. Wizard/Bill Nye in the food world, and has taught people the basics of cooking through his acclaimed series for The Food Network, Good Eats. He's as passionate about film and TV as he is the culinary arts, and I spent many an hour learning from him. One of the things I appreciate the most about Brown's approach is that he goes beyond teaching delicious recipes and takes the time to delve into the unique properties of ingredients as well as culinary history and technique. Watching Good Eats was as fun as it was enlightening, so I was more than a little enthused when I heard the announcement for its sequel Return of The Eats, expected on the Food Network in 2018. Alton Brown's not one to rest on his laurels, though. Coming off the success of his most recent cookbook, Everyday Cook, which I recommend heartily, Brown is touring the country with his Eat Your Science tour, and it's making its final stop just an hour or so north of the city, in Waukegan's historic and beautifully restored movie palace, the Genesee Theater. The action happens on November 15th, and we're excited to see this touring amalgam of all things Alton.  Eat Your Science promises even more of what audiences loved about the first tour, Edible Inevitable. There will be songs about food, zany experiments, audience participation and Q&As. If you are a fan of the man in any form, whether that's from the Good Eats era, Iron Chef:America, Cutthroat Kitchen or his podcast, you'll likely have a fantastic time with this live stage performance. You'll need to act fast, though, as even outside city limits, Alton Brown draws crowds. Tickets are available as of post time, but they're selling like hotcakes- something we're sure Alton could teach us to cook expertly. For more information on Eat Your Science's stop at the Genesee in downtown Waukegan, IL, click this link 
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