Foo Fighters Sell Out Wrigley Field, So Let’s Add Another Date!

But which on’e Pink? Photo by Brantley Gutierrez.

I keep having to remind myself the Foo Fighters are kind of a big deal. They probably own lots of leather-bound books and everything. But to me they will always be the band that calls The Metro their home. Anyway.

The band is slated to play Wrigley Field on July 29, 2018, but if you wanted to see that show you’re out of luck. Tickets are sold out. But luckily for you they’ve added another show on July 30 now! And those tickets go on sale Saturday, November 18, at 10am.

I’m not gonna say you’re making a huge mistake if you don’t get in on this, or that Foo Fighters shows are amazing, rambling trips through musical history punctuated by timeless anthems. But, c’mon.

Jim Kopeny / Tankboy
Jim Kopeny / Tankboy

Tankboy resides in the body of Jim Kopeny and lives in Mayfair with Pickle the Kitten and a beagle named Betty (RIP) who may actually be slightly more famous than most of the musicians slogging through the local scene. He's written about music for much longer than most bands you hear on the radio have even existed.

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