Inspector General Finds Fraud In CPS, CTU Responds

The Chicago Teachers Union responded to a report from an Inspector General, which alleged Chicago Public Schools District employees stole or misappropriated funds. The AP reported Wednesday afternoon that the IG alleged several employees stole thousands of dollars worth of gift cards meant for students and families, and at least one principal was accused of spending $20,000 on personal shopping. “This kind of shameful mismanagement and lack of oversight doesn’t surprise us in the least, and speaks to the ongoing need for an elected, representative school board,” the union said in a press release obtained by Third Coast. “The dollar amounts mentioned, while insignificant to some, represent the willingness of district employees and school administrators to place their own interests before the needs of our school communities—going so far as to risk their own employment and livelihoods by committing theft and acts of fraud.” (Via ABC7)


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