Face the Chicago Cold With These Hot Winter Styles

Okay, so the holidays have passed, the glitzy New Year’s garb is hung back in the closet, and those gaudy Christmas sweaters are starting to feel a little out of season. The winter chill, however,  is still very present in Chicago. But don’t break into those sloppy sweats just yet—these lingering winter winds still give you an excuse to deck out in fashions fit for just this kind of weather. From your head to your toes, here are some warm winter styles to keep you covered.

For your head: Insulated hats from Goorin Bros

Founded in Pittsburgh in 1895, Goorin Bros specialty hat company now has shops across the nation. With hat lines for men and women ranging from beanies to bowlers, Goorin Bros has urban gear with vintage charm. They have a variety of  insulated cap styles to keep your cranium nice and toasty. Visit their Chicago store in Wicker Park at 1533 N Milwaukee Ave, or shop online here.

Elemental Winter ($35)
10 Below Zero ($62.50)
Cement Walls ($30)







For your neck: Infinity scarves from Futurgarb

Futurgarb is a fairly new apparel boutique founded in 2001. They have a colorful inventory of hip, playful clothing and accessories—and their infinity scarf options seems to go on forever. Check them out online, or visit their shop at 1369 N Milwaukee Ave, Wicker Park.

Bouncle Scarf ($25)
Graves Scarf ($25)
Henry Scarf ($25)








For your torso: Sweaters and sweats from Penelope’s

Husband and wife duo founded Penelope’s, offering complimentary options for hims and hers alike. Their comfort-boasting clothing line is clean, modern, and à la mode. Shop online or see what they have in store at 1913 W Division St.

Blocking Rib Sweater ($119)
Joe Sweater ($65)
Funnel Neck Pullover ($59)









For your hands: Gloves from Macy’s

Famous for its holiday parades and all-occasion outfittings,  Macy’s will keep you fit for busy urban life with no neglect of comfort. Shop for your hands at Macy’s and you’ve got  a lot of options: you can go with mittens; you can go with gloves; you can go fingerless if you’d like. They even have a lot of styles with smart-touch technology,  so you can use your smart phone without exposing your fingers to the cold. And there are tons of brands to choose from. Visit their downtown locations at 111 N State Street and 835 N Michigan Avenue, or order online.

Original Penguin Convertible Mittens ($55)
Isotoner Signature SleekHeat smarTouch Buckled Gloves ($43.40)
Steve Madden Chevron Block iTouch Gloves ($18)









For your feet: Boots from City Soles

No matter where you’re headed this winter, you’re gonna need to get some reliable treads. Whether you want something for a night at the club, or a stroll through the slush, City Soles has the boots to fit. Try them on in store at 1630 N Milwaukee Ave, or shop online if you’re not ready to traverse on foot just yet.

ILA by ULU ($240)
LOBO by Mia Sheridan ($280)
ALBERTA by Mia Sheridan ($195)








All photos courtesy of respective vendors.

Stephanie Lenchard Warren
Stephanie Lenchard Warren

Stephanie Lenchard Warren is a visual artist and nonfiction writer. Her work explores finding ourselves in nature as well as the nature in ourselves.