How Does the Government Shutdown Affect Chicago and Illinois?

During the government shutdown, U.S. mail will still be delivered, Social Security and Medicare payments will be made, VA hospitals will operate, and you’ll be able to travel from O’Hare or Midway ( National parks also will be open.

Illinois is the 8th most impacted state in the government shutdown–that is, 44th on the list of states (and DC) most affected. The following list shows where Illinois stands on various aspects of the government shutdown. (

Impact of the Government Shutdown on Illinois (1=Most Affected, 25=Avg.):

  • 40th – Share of Federal Jobs
  • 35th – Federal Contract Dollars Per Capita
  • 39th – Small Business Lending Per Capita
  • 27th – Real Estate as a Percentage of GSP
  • 49th – Access to National Parks
  • 23rd – % of Children under CHIP



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