Sleigh Bells and Sunflower Bean Set To Crush at Metro Tonight

Sleigh Bells, photo by Jim Kopeny / Tankboy Sleigh Bell's mixture of schoolyard sing-song chanting and metallic guitars chords engineered to smash anything in their path sounds like an odd mix, but it absolutely works. And live, the duo of Guitarist Derek Mille and singer Alexis Krauss has never failed to deliver. From their early days with just the two of them and a bunch of backing tracks onstage, to the present time when they tour with a live band that adds even more volume and texture to their sonic assault, Sleigh Bells always puts on a killer show. And I expect nothing less from their appearance at The Metro tonight. While Miller tends to be more rooted into a single spot, Krauss stalks the stage, remaining an electrical presence throughout the entire set. The bands latest EP Kid Kruschev was recently released, and while this tour is ostensibly in support of that, I suspect its primary purpose is because Sleigh Bells know they belong in front of huge crowds, so why not hit the road? Opening is Sunflower Bean, a Brooklyn trio who are all barely of legal drinking age, but are managing to create a sound far beyond their years. Their latest single "Crisis Fest," off the band's forthcoming sophomore release Twentytoo In Blue, is a late '70s sing-along with chugging guitars and a beat stolen straight from Slade. I mean, what's not to love? They should provide a nice contrast to Sleigh Bells' bombast, while still trying their best to match the headliner's energy levels. I also recommend getting to the neighborhood for a special pre-show event next door at GMan Tavern. It's called the Slay Balls Party and will feature DJ set from DJ JS (the Metro's Joe Shanahan) and Popcorn Dick (Local H's Scott Lucas). Get the party started early, and strap in for a long night of excellent music at top volume! UPDATE 3:41 P.M. The band has just announced tonight's show has been cancelled. Their statement is below. Chicago, we are sad to be writing to say that we have to cancel tonight's show at Metro. Alexis was diagnosed with Influenza A today and the doctor in Chicago has told her that due to fever and limited respiratory capacity performing tonight would endanger her health. We've been looking forward to this show for a long time, and it's absolutely heartbreaking that we cannot perform for you tonight. We are working on rescheduling and promise to make it up to you as soon as we're able to this year. Love, D + A
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