Tenants of Wilson Men’s Hotel Demand Developer Cease Evictions

Tenants of the Wilson Men’s Hotel, a Single Room Occupancy building in Uptown, are demanding City Pads LLC developer Andrew Ahitow cease his eviction of residents and make them part of negotiating their relocation. Last week, more than 100 tenants of the SRO were served eviction notices. “Helping people relocate, even in the best of circumstances, is a poor substitute for taking 230 affordable units from Uptown, especially when Interfaith Housing Development Corporation was willing to preserve them,” said Eric Holmes, a resident of the building in a press release. “Now, residents are facing  homelessness. This eviction contributes to the gentrification and displacement already happening in Uptown.” Tenants say that Ahitow has refused to collaborate with them or ONE Northside, a community group working to advocate for them since he purchased the property, and that the evictions are retaliatory. 
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Aaron Cynic