CPS Slightly Reverses Course on Englewood High School Closures

Chicago Public Schools has walked back slightly on its decision to close four schools in the Englewood neighborhood in the wake of protests from students and the community. The District announced Monday that rather than abruptly closing all four high schools in the area, it would instead allow current students to stay through graduation at three of four of them. “It’s nice to know someone is listening and shows some sensitivity,” said Alderman Willie Cochran of the 20th Ward. Hope, Harper and Team Englewood high schools will remain open but no longer take on any new students, and Robeson High School will still close to make way for a new high school scheduled to open in 2019. Students who’ve fought the closures and the Chicago Teachers Union acknowledged the move, but said it’s not enough. “We’ve been able to force CPS to at least begin to listen to parents, students and community residents by agreeing not to wipe out every single public high school in this neighborhood,” said CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey. “Now CPS needs to take this a step further by offering the real resources these schools deserve.” (Sun-Times)


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