Emanuel Speech at UCLA Distrupted by No-Cop-Academy Activists

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was heckled by protesters on Monday at a speech he was giving at UCLA in California. During the speech, which was reportedly on education, a group of students and other activists chanted “16 shots and a cover up,” and “money for kids, not for cops, no cop academy!” The demonstration, which resulted in several people either leaving or being kicked out of the event, along with three alleged arrests, was meant to call attention to the $95 million Emanuel wants to spend on a new police academy. “I’m dismayed to see Rahm Emanuel was invited to speak on our campus when he has been on the front lines of ravaging Black communities in Chicago,” said Zainab Badi, a public policy graduate student in a press release. “Rahm is not welcome here when he closes schools for Black children but opens new schools for police.” Badi was one of several people who helped pen an open letter opposing Emanuel’s speech at UCLA, which was cosigned by nearly two dozen groups. (Twitter)
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Aaron Cynic