Another Emanuel Speech Interrupted

Another speaking appearance at a university by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was interrupted by protesters on Tuesday evening, this time at Harvard in Boston. A small group of demonstrators was escorted out of the room after they stood up and began chanting “justice for Laquan McDonald” and “no school closings, no cop academy.” Meanwhile outside the event at the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Gund Hall, dozens of protesters demonstrated for about two hours, holding signs and chanting “From Harvard Yard to Chicago, we say Rahm has got to go.” This is the second time this month Emanuel has seen a speech at a university interrupted, in both cases over the Laquan McDonald shooting and his proposal to spend $95million on a new police academy while struggling neighborhoods of color are left underfunded for resources. “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speaking at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on Tuesday, to speak on, among other things, his plans for a new $95 million Police Academy in the West Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago, a neighborhood that is 95% Black,” read a statement on a Facebook event invite. “This is in light of his administration's cover up of the Laquan McDonald case, who was shot 16 times by the Chicago Police Department, as well as the fact that only one out of 400 police shootings have been found to be unjustified.” (The Crimson) (Twitter)
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Aaron Cynic