Emanuel, Johnson Put Pressure on Lawmakers to Enact Gun Control

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling on lawmakers and Governor Bruce Rauner to pass a package of gun control legislation, which is expected to be taken up for votes on Wednesday in Springfield. “We have a crisis,” said Emanuel. “We had Columbine, we had Connecticut, we had Virginia Tech, but there is no doubt that Florida got to a point where the students saw what happened to their classmates and said, ‘Enough is enough,’ and the political system now knows they can’t wait this out until another news item comes along. They have to act.” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson headed to Springfield on Tuesday to testify in favor of the legislation. One bill, which bans high capacity magazines and increases penalties for misuse of body armor, is named after slain Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer. (State Journal-Register)
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Aaron Cynic