Amazon’s Alexa is Freaking Everyone Out – Games & Tech Discusses the Alexa Laugh

Amazon Echo light ring. Photo by Michael J.

If you hadn’t heard it on the internet today, the Amazon Echo’s ubiquitous smart assistant Alexa is attracting what we suspect is unwanted attention because it is….laughing at people randomly. We first saw the story emerge on TheVerge, and have since seen it crop up all over the internet and on national news. Some reports even say that Alexa is reading off funeral home listings unprompted.

A twitter user posted a video of the occultish occurrence.

We got a few writers together as the news broke at 3CR to discuss the oncoming evil and thought we’d share our feelings:

Says Antal Bokor, section editor for Games & Tech: “Another reason Google Home is better.”

Julian Ramirez, calendar and Music editor adds “I dislike Alexa very much. This only confirms my position.”

Trevor Edwards, games writer at 3CR, chimes in: “I was reading about that earlier. So I guess the machines have recognized they don’t have limbs and have resorted to psychological warfare.”

Beyond Section editor, Marielle Shaw: “Honestly, I was a little freaked out when that Alexa server thing happened last week- the alarm went off and it kept going. I kept yelling “Alexa, stop!” but it wouldn’t. It was lit up red instead of blue and just kept ringing.”

“Red=human eradication mode,” continued Antal. “In its current form, it can only muster defiance.”

“We are quickly careening towards the end of Her,“Julian warned.

We decided to do a little field research, so Antal Bokor bravely confronted Alexa in person. Unfortunately, Antal says, “She wasn’t forthcoming.”

But we’re not without hope that Alexa won’t murder us in our sleep. After all, as Trevor reminds us – “Better she doesn’t answer than “You’ll see…”

Even our editor-in-chief, Nancy Bishop, had something to say about all this shortly after we ran it by her. “It didn’t occur to you all that Alexa was hacked by the Russians? Or someone who hates either Whole Foods or Amazon or both?”

The truth is out there, citizens. We’ll update you when we find it.

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