New Field Museum Rebrand Emphasizes Active Pursuit of Science

Earth. We’re On It. is part of the new Field Museum rebrand.

We’ve found ourselves at the Field Museum a lot already this year, whether it was to see the most pristine meteorite ever found in person, bid a fond farewell to SUE (for a while), find out about the museum’s new plans, or sneak a peek at the upcoming Mummies exhibit. It’s never a chore, and press invites to the Field Museum are always met with enthusiasm on my part, especially because the world behind the scenes at the Field is bigger and bolder than even the exhibits in Stanley Field Hall. Not only are there millions of specimens, artifacts and art that remain to be seen by the general public, there are also labs, offices and workshops full of scientists and experts of every discipline, actively researching, discovering and uncovering new information, and sharing it with the world’s finest learning institutions. Field Museum visitors got a taste of this with Member’s Night and the museum’s recent Specimens exhibit, but the Field Museum didn’t feel like leaving it there, and has announced a rebranding that brings the science to the forefront.

The campaign slogan, if you will, is “Earth. We’re On It.” a compelling multiple entendre that at least to us pretty well encapsulates the museum’s goals – to explore the planet we’re on, teach people more about it and learn to share our space responsibly, since we’re pretty much stuck here. The rebrand comes with a compelling 2 minute video explaining the changes and taking viewers on a journey through the work of the Field – from its scientists active expeditions to the collections and work happening in its hallowed halls and the museum’s active role in local science activism, like its participation in the March for Science last year.


Photo provided by Field Museum

The change is already in effect, with bold blue banners featuring the new logo ready to be hung amongst the columns and staff uniforms echoing the update. We’re excited for the Field to give us more of what was once behind the scenes in front of them.

Take a look at the video below and make plans for a trip there by following this link – we recommend heading out on Friday for the debut of the Mummies exhibit.

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