‘Cannabis Candidate’ Accused of Abuse, Misrepresenting Credentials

The self-described “cannabis candidate” in the Democratic primary for the 5th Congressional District is facing criticism for alleged sexual harassment, abuse, and inflating his resume. A former girlfriend and campaign intern accused candidate Benjamin Wolf, who made some national news by smoking a joint in a campaign ad and appearing in a campaign photo holding an AR-15, of abusing her physically and emotionally, as well as ‘doxxing’ her. “He actually hit me, threw me to the ground, put his foot on my chest. He was really angry. He grabbed my face,” said Katarina Coates, who described at least six incidents of physical abuse to Politico. “I thought it was normal. I cannot explain the logic. It seemed like he cared about me when he did that.” Wolf also claimed he is an Iraq veteran, though he has never been in the military, and instead allegedly worked with the State Department. The candidate also claimed status as an FBI agent, but an agent at the bureau could only confirm a “non-Special Agent professional support employee,” with Wolf’s name. (Politico) (Chicago Reader)


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